Is That Olive Oil In Your Cocktail?

Is That Olive Oil In Your Cocktail?

Oil and water may not mix, but alcohol and oil sure do! Olive oil, in particular, enhances the flavor and adds a surprising mouth feel to your drinks.

There are several ways you can add oil to your cocktails.

To infuse your alcohol, add your oil to the base spirit, let sit several hours before freezing. The oil will solidify and the hardened layer of fat can then be easily strained away, leaving a pleasing, palate-coating sensation to your sip.

If you prefer not to infuse or fat wash your spirit, you can add oil to a dropper bottle and add a few drops to the surface of your cocktail. Dark infused oils add drama to your drink, although these work best with drinks without ice, served straight up in a martini glass.

To intensify the experience, you can also put a few drops of oil into the shaker itself. This will impart a fuller, richer texture to the drink, although it wont be quite as visually striking as using the dropper.

Blood Orange Olive Oil Infused Gin

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Makes 2 cups
2 cups dry gin
1 Tbsp. @olivealchemy blood orange infused olive oil

In a large jar with a tight-fitting top, combine the gin with the olive oil. Let it sit at room temperature for 4 hours, allowing the oil to infuse. Place the jar in the freezer and chill for 24 hours. The oil will solidify making it simple to strain the out the alcohol.

Blood Orange Olive Oil Martini

Lifestyle Photography by Coco Prop Shop

Lifestyle Photography by Coco Prop Shop

2 1/2 oz blood orange olive oil infused gin

1/2 oz dry vermouth

1/4 oz fresh lemon juice

@lalunasalt vanilla bean sea salt with crushed lavender, for the rim

Lifestyle Photography by Coco Prop Shop

Lifestyle Photography by Coco Prop Shop

Rim your martini on one side and set aide. Add the gin and vermouth to a mixing glass. Add ice to fill the glass 3/4 of the way. Using a bar spoon, mix for 30 seconds. Strain the martini into your reserved glass.

You can use a dropper to top your martini with a few drops of the infused oil instead. Make sure to add just a few drops, or you will have an oil slick floating at the top of your drink.

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