• Big Batch Rose Beauty Punch

    Big Batch Rose Beauty Punch

    B I G  B A T C H  R O S E  B E A U T Y  P U N C H   Bringing this Rosé Punch back just in time for an extra sparkly Valentine’s Day. #TBT to when @goodwill and @buzzfeed created this magical step by step video of the Petals and Blooms Punch from my book: […]

  • Is That Olive Oil In Your Cocktail?

    Is That Olive Oil In Your Cocktail?

    Oil and water may not mix, but alcohol and oil sure do! Olive oil, in particular, enhances the flavor and adds a surprising mouth feel to your drinks. There are several ways you can add oil to your cocktails. To infuse your alcohol, add your oil to the base spirit, let sit several hours before […]

  • The Fundamentals of Ice

    The Fundamentals of Ice

    Ice serves two purposes in cocktail making: First, to chill the cocktail while shaking or stirring, while also diluting the drink ever so slightly to drinking perfection. Second, to keep the finished cocktail chilled while you enjoy it. The type of ice you use when shaking and serving also dramatically affects your drink.

  • The 101 on Garnishes

    The 101 on Garnishes

    Besides adding a decorative touch to your drink, garnishes should also provide integral, complementary flavors and aromas. A strategically placed citrus peel on a side of a drink that a guest can rub and squeeze will release just a touch of aroma to stimulate the senses. Edible flowers, fruit, berries, and leaves can also be […]

  • Spirits of Choice

    Spirits of Choice

    Why Buy Organic Alcohol? Buy organic alcohol for the same reasons you’d buy organic food: to avoid artificial additives, and to help promote sustainable farming practices and environmentally friendly packaging. And because it tastes amazing, helps prevent hangovers, and if you’re going to mix healthy nutritious ingredients, your alcohol and mixers should be a pure […]

  • Spirited History

    Spirited History

    Drinking to good health might sound like an oxymoron, but a closer look at the history of spirits shows that healing ailments has always been at the root of cocktail culture. In fact, cocktails were originally created in early pharmacies and apothecaries all the way up until the beginning of the twentieth century.

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