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The Healthy Bartender is a destination for fresh, approachable and unique cocktails made with seasonal produce, medicinal herbs, aromatic botanicals and superfood ingredients -so you can get the most out of your cocktail experience.

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My name is Jules Aron and I’m a holistic wellness coach and long time bartender. I combine my love of wellness with my passion for cocktails to create healthful sips without ever compromising on taste. I skip the refined sugar and artificial flavors in favor of garden-to-glass cocktails made with superfoods, herbs, teas, fresh juices, and even vegetables. I love to explore traditional uses of alcohol for medicinal purposes, to create restorative sips ― drinks like my Boozy Bourbon Chai or my Hot Passion Toddy ― that will warm your spirits and soothe your soul, while my refreshing green cocktails like the Pear and Parsley Booster give you all the nutrients of a green juice, with an extra kick.

I’ll also share the best techniques in making great cocktails at home and where and how to the get the best drinks when you are out on the town. You can say that my life revolves around libations, celebrations, and entertaining and I LOVE sharing it all with you! I am an 4x published cookbook author, with books including: Zen and Tonic, Fresh and Savory Cocktails for the Enlightened Drinker. I am a regular contributor to a variety of publications and always working on recipe crafting and styling. I always appreciate your feedback and would love to know more about the types of content you’d like to see here. So always feel free to join the conversation!

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